Bills We’re Watching in 2024

By Erica Solomon Collins, Executive Director

Last Updated: February 23, 2024


Here’s a guide to the bills that we’re supporting this legislative session. We’ll keep this post updated as best we can, but history’s always on the move! For the most up-to-date news about specific bills, we recommend using the MN Legislature’s MyBills tool and keeping in touch with your district’s representatives (even if they are “on your side” of a given issue). If you need to double check who represents you in the state legislature, you can find them using this link.

HF173 & SF37: Minnesota State ERA Bill

Chief Authors: Representative Kaohly Vang Her and Senator Mary Kunesh

The Minnesota State Equal Rights Amendment would ensure equal rights under the law with no qualifiers. The proposed language would bar the state from discriminating “against any person in intent or effect on account of race, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sex, including but not limited to pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and reproductive freedom, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.”

Status of HF173 in the House

Status of SF37 in the Senate

HF1658 & SF1704: Minnesota Building Families Act

Chief Authors: Representative Jeff Brand and Senator Maye Quade 

The Minnesota Building Families Act would require insurers in our state to provide coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Given the often-prohibitive costs of infertility treatment, this is a vital component to ensuring that all Minnesotans have the ability to choose whether and how to become parents.

Status of HF1658 in the House

Status of SF1704 in the Senate

HF601 & SF606: Lost and Stolen Firearms Reporting

Chief Authors: Representative Kaohly Vang Her and Senator Bonnie S. Westlin

Requires the prompt reporting of lost and stolen firearms to law enforcement.

Status of HF601 in the House

Status of SF606 in the Senate

HF4053 & SF3967: Abortion Coverage Act

Chief Authors: Representative Zack Stephenson and Senator Alice Mann

The Abortion Coverage Act will promote equitable access to abortion care by requiring public and private health insurance plans in Minnesota to provide coverage for abortion care.

Status of HF4053 in the House

Status of SF3967 in the Senate

HF2607 & SF2209: Gender Affirming Care Act

Chief Authors: Representative Leigh Finke and Senator D. Scott Dibble

Mandates that all public and private health insurance plans in Minnesota provide coverage for a full range of gender affirming and reproductive health care. Crucially, this bill codifies the right to gender affirming care, which is under attack in many of our neighboring states.

Status of HF2607 in the House

Status of SF2209 in the Senate

SF3873: Ban on Pelvic and Breast Exams on Unconscious Patients Without Consent

Chief Author: Senator Erin P. Murphy

While it is essential for medical students to perform pelvic and breast exams as part of their training, such exams should only be performed with the consent of the patient, as this bill mandates.

Status of SF3873 in the Senate

HF3567 & SF3504: Uniform Parentage Act

Chief Authors: Representative Athena Hollins and Senator Erin K. Maye Quade

Updates Minnesota’s parenting laws to ensure equity for LGBTQ+ families by recognizing both same-sex parents as birth parents on legal documents.

Status of HF3567 in the House

Status of SF3504 in the Senate

HF3682 & SF3746: Comprehensive Sex & Health Education

Chief Authors: Representative Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn and Senator Mary K. Kunesh

Ensures that all Minnesota students have access to comprehensive, medically-accurate health education, including sex education, violence prevention, and healthy relationships.

Status of HF3682 in the House

Status of SF3746 in the Senate

HF4252 & SF4385: Combating Hate

Chief Authors: Representative Frank Hornstein and Senator Bonnie S. Westlin

Provides grants to local community-based organizations working to promote intergroup harmony, strengthen community resilience, and develop strategies for education, outreach, and the prevention of hate crimes.

Status of HF4252 in the House

Status of SF4385 in the Senate