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For over a century, NCJW has been at the forefront of social change. Our collective voice has changed the world for the better –impacting the lives of women, children, and families in the US and Israel.

Today, NCJW members continue to be outspoken champions for progressive policies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Courts Matter Minnesota is a coalition working to ensure that federal judges reflect the diversity and values of the American people. More than 900 judges have lifetime appointments to serve on lower federal courts, and their decisions impact issues of importance to Minnesotans — issues such as:

  • Economic Justice

  • Health Care

  • Voting Rights

  • Money in Politics

  • Air and Water Quality

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Reproductive Health, Rights, & Justice –
As the leading pro-choice Jewish organization, NCJW fights for the protection of everyone’s right to the full range of reproductive healthcare, including safe and legal abortion, and the elimination of obstacles that limit reproductive freedom. We advocate for reproductive justice at the local, state, national, and international levels. Opponents of these rights are often motivated by their religious beliefs and seek to enshrine those views through legislation and public policy. NCJW believes no one religious belief should be imposed on us all.

NCJW opposes recent legislative efforts to impede women’s reproductive choices and supports legislation to eliminate barriers to accessing the full range of reproductive healthcare.

  • Menstrual Equity/Periods Happen – NCJW MN is committed to menstrual equity for all. Through a range of community collaborations we are able to donate and distribute menstrual products to meet the needs of our surrounding community. Additionally, our advocates continue to work with our legislative partners toward passing policy to sustain our efforts and ensure that menstruating students don’t miss school due to lack of access to the products they need.
  • UnRestrict Minnesota – We are a proud partner of this community-supported public awareness campaign that aims to educate and motivate Minnesotans to stay informed about their rights and access to abortion care in the state.

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Gun Violence Prevention –
“Do not stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.” – Leviticus 19:16

Gun violence is at epidemic levels. It is time for the community to respond and take action.

NCJW Minnesota resolves to support public policies, legislation and community education that research has shown will prevent gun violence and build safer communities. The Supreme Court recognizes the legal right to a gun in the home for self-defense (DC vs. HELLER 2008) but that right is not unlimited. Gun ownership and use must be reserved for those Americans who can exercise that right responsibly and safe.

We proudly support measures to:

(1) require background checks on all gun sales including closing the private sale loophole;

(2) improve systems to enter and manage data on those prohibited from owning guns;

(3) ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines; and

(4) make gun trafficking a federal crime.

These common-sense proposals would close deadly gaps in our gun laws and ensure law enforcement agencies have the tools they need to detect and deter gun trafficking.

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Civic Engagement – 

Our Civic Engagement work includes voter engagement and expanding and restoring voting rights.

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In addition to our policy priorities, we proudly work in coalition on other important issues as needs arise in these and other spaces:

  • Immigration Justice
  • Fair and Affordable Housing
  • Economic Justice for Women
  • Food Justice

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