Protect and Expand Abortion Access in Minnesota!

2022 proved to be a devastating year for abortion access.

Unfortunately, Minnesota is an “island” of abortion access. Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, Minnesota will likely soon be the only state in the upper Midwest where it is legal to access abortion care

To make matters worse, anti-abortion politicians in Minnesota have passed laws that make it difficult — and sometimes impossible — for many people in marginalized communities to access abortion care in our state.

 That’s why we are part of UnRestrict Minnesota, a coalition of health care providers, doulas, racial justice and gender equality advocates, leaders in the faith community, harm reduction specialists, legal advocacy organizations, LGBTQ+ rights advocates, voting rights activists, and more, that support every Minnesotan’s right to access abortion care in our state

Learn more about UnRestrict Minnesota’s Reproductive Justice Agenda and consider donating in support of this movement to protect and expand abortion access in Minnesota. Your gift will support 18 social justice organizations, including NCJW Minnesota, fighting for reproductive justice.

No vision of social justice can be whole without a commitment to reproductive justice.

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