November 18

5th Annual Give to the Max(i) Pad Day!

November 18, 12:00 am —
November 19, 11:59 pm

Minnesota’s giving holiday is back on November 18th!

One in five teens say they struggle to afford period products, or are unable to purchase them at all, according to a national study. As a consequence, 84 percent say they’ve missed school, or know somebody who else who has.

Four (!) years ago, we kicked off our Give to the MAXi Pad Campaign. No student should miss school because they’re menstruating. Period.

NCJW MN is committed to menstrual equity for all. Through a range of community collaborations we are able to donate and distribute menstrual products to meet the needs of our surrounding community. Additionally, our advocates continue to work with our legislative partners toward passing policy to sustain our efforts and ensure that menstruating students don’t miss school due to lack of access to the products they need.

Beat the rush and all of that internet traffic by giving today!**

THANK YOU for helping NCJW truly, immediately and meaningfully help us improve the quality of life for students in our community.

** Or tomorrow, or the next day, or anytime through the 18th is great. Whatever works.