November 12

Better Angels Debate

6:00 pm — 8:30 pm

Location TBD upon registration

You are invited to a Better Angels community debate! You probably haven’t experienced anything like it. It is a highly structured conversation in which a group of people think together, listen carefully to one another. When done well, everyone walks out a little closer to the truth, more aware of the validity in opposing views, and with tighter community relationships. The topic of the debate will be selected prior to the event, by you, the attendees.

The debate will take place in an environment of decorum and respect. We ask participants to behave respectfully toward one another (no matter their views), whether they’re speakers or questioners, or are simply there to listen.

The conversation grows and develops through a series of speeches supporting or opposing the resolution. After a participant speaks, the Chair asks for one or two questions from the body. The speaker responds to the questions and another speaker takes the floor.

While people are encouraged to support or oppose the resolution in order to sharpen their points, they are welcome to express nuance and ambiguity. What’s critical is that people articulate what they actually believe, even if it’s complicated or incomplete.

Trained Better Angels facilitators will be moderating the debate.

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