Our Statement on the November 25, 2023 Release of Hostages from Hamas Captivity

“Despite the delays by Hamas, we are relieved 17 additional hostages were released today, including 13 Israeli women and children and 4 foreign nationals. We were disappointed that Hamas separated families who qualified to be released together, including one girl released without her mother and one sister released without her teenage brother.

“195 hostages remain in Hamas captivity, including 22 children. The hostages have been held for 50 days. 50 long days for them and all who love them to have relentless uncertainty. We call for the release of all hostages now and for immediate medical aid for remaining hostages.

“Further, the role of the International Committee of the Red Cross is not solely to be a transport service. They must check on every remaining hostage and provide medical aid where needed. If Hamas is not letting them do so, they must speak out louder and demand international pressure to be let in.”

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