The Whole Meal-Gillah! -NCJW’s Purim Fundraiser

Purim is coming, there’s no better time to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, of love over hate, of action over complacence, and no better way to do it than by honoring the powerful, progressive and passionate women in your life with a Purim gift to NCJW.
Our friends at Appetite For Change have created a meal box delivery program to offer access to fresh and nutritious meals throughout the Twin Cities, particularly for residents experiencing the effects of changing grocery store, market, and employment access.
For each meal kit that you purchase for yourself and/or family and friends by March 1st, we will send a meal kit to a family in need. Your purchase also supports progressive policy advocacy and leadership programming that’s giving this generation’s Vashtis and Esthers the tools they need to lead for change. Delivery is included and available anywhere in the seven-county Twin Cities region.
Please note: Each meal kit provides six servings.
Get your meal kits here!