NCJW MN is committed to providing Action, Resources, and Equity in Schools. To support this effort we allocate rapid response funds* to support homeless and highly mobile youth and families. Additionally, we offer stand alone programs to support Twin Cities Metro Area schools:

Books To Borrow

Books to Borrow is a program in Sibley Manor, an apartment complex that houses more than 500 families, many of whom are recent immigrants to the United States. Neighbors or passerby are welcome to borrow books on the honor system or add a book into the library kiosk for someone else to enjoy. We hope to promote literacy and community by sharing books and the wealth of knowledge that reading can offer.

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Food for Families

Minneapolis Public Schools students identified as homeless or highly mobile have increased by 40% over the past 5 years. Issues related to hunger and food insecurity are creating a serious impact on students’ ability to learn.

We are pleased to partner with The Sheridan Story to provide weekend food support to families who may struggle to put food on the table when school is not in session.

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Rose Rees Peace Awards

The Rose Rees Peace Awards honor exceptional high school seniors from 25 local schools who have demonstrated a special interest in and commitment to international relations and world peace. The award commemorates Rose Rees, a past president of NCJW-Greater Minneapolis Section. Rees’ passion for world peace was a guiding principle of NCJW, as well as at the World Affairs Council of Minneapolis, which she founded.  Each year, NCJW honors selected seniors from participating schools (as well as their family members, teachers and principals) in her honor.

*Funding requests are referred to NCJW directly through our MPS liaison, we do not accept direct funding requests.